Time Saving in Soil Survey

About us

The timesaving company

Since 1996 TerraIndex (formerly I.T. Works) is a leading company in the automation of environment and subsurface investigation. We are developing time saving software for the acquisition, analysis and presentation of information about our environment in the Netherlands, but also across the borders. What is it that makes us so strong?

Continuous improvements

At TerraIndex we all have the urge to keep growing. Wether this is in the area of customer service or programming and wether this is by means of trainings or practice does not really matter. This makes our team continuously stronger and that enables us to continuously improve the service to our client. As a matter of fact that is effortless, it is all about the mindset.

Aim for innovation

We are a positive team that is always thinking by means of chances. Every day we are searching for the next step in our area of expertise. We believe that freedom is the key to enable this. No strict rules for employees, but enough space to discover the virgin world of tomorrow. This is a matter of trust that pays itself back by means of innovations.

Focus on customer value

We have a uniform goal in our innovativeness: adding value to the customer process and the entire chain. This is done by targeting on groundbreaking technology, user friendly interfaces and smart customer service. All of this in order to make sure everyone in the chain saves time.

Main focus: The End User

We give end users additional attention in the innovation process. In order to achieve this we are having brainstorm sessions together about possibilities to support work processes in a smarter way. We do this during customer days and interactive workshops. This way we can come up with the most valuable features and services, with as a result more than satisfied end users. And that really makes us happy.

At home in Delft

We are a pioneering technical company and we are stationed in the Science Centre in Delft. One plus one equals two; we could not wish for a better home. The old TU-Delft building is an incubator for innovations and to top if off it is just steps away from the numerous bars and restaurants of the city center. That is in fact another convenience.