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About TerraIndex

TerraIndex believes that automation in the sector of soil survey delivers significant time savings, partly because this sector regroups many different organizations and data is gathered and exchanged. This is why, since 1996, we are active as automation experts in the environment and soil survey.

Under the name IT Works, Herry Bruins started with Boormanager (the current TerraIndex) to digitize data of large scale projects like the High Speed Railway and the Betuwe Railway to name a few. In doing so, TerraIndex created the current data exchange standard and actively participated in the development of the legal control framework and webservice for the Dutch government: BoToVa.

Nowadays, we continue to develop time saving software for the acquisition, analysis and presentation of information about our living environment at home and abroad. We do this by automating processes, defining standards and performing chain integration.

What makes us so strong? We work closely with our customers; consultancies, fieldwork agencies, trade associations and labs. This approach can also be seen in our daily business operations. We work Agile with Scrum as the foundation for our processes. This way we are able to work efficiently and remain flexible. Finally, at TerraIndex we all believe success is also the result of our shared core values.

Our core values

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TerraIndex in numbers

  • All top-50 consultancies use TerraIndex
  • Every year 150.000 lab-assignments are sent with TerraIndex
  • More than 590.000 analysis samples are supplied by TerraIndex
  • A total of 8.500 kilometers of borings are recorded with TerraIndex App

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