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The Team

Innovation, flexibility and freedom are key values within our self-directing team. This leaves us with few rules and procedures. We work as an informal club, because we believe this leads to the best innovations. Personal responsibility and “owning” your tasks are core characteristics that all our team members possess.

Our team mission is to be a source of inspiration for others. We excel at process-oriented work, working with new equipment & techniques and function as a well-oiled machine. We do this by continuously improving ourselves and the processes we use.

Just like we want to inspire external teams, internally there is also the continuous drive to help each other grow. The enthusiasm to make each other better comes from within. The team even organizes activities to share knowledge, like the weekly innovation morning, workshops and active information sessions.

At home in Delft

TerraIndex is a technologically progressive company and is located at the Science Center in Delft. One plus one is two; we can’t imagine a better home base. The old TU Delft building is an incubator for innovation and is actually located a stone’s throw from the numerous bars and restaurants of the city center. Quite nice if you ask us!

Currently our Agile (core)team is composed of 5 developers, one tester, a scrum master and one product owner. In addition to this, we work with a varying body of experts that collaborate to ameliorate our product.

Meet some of our colleagues