Time Saving in Soil Survey

Time saving in soil survey

The time saving solution for conducting soil survey. This solution is being used by consultancy firms, fieldwork agencies and laboratories around the whole world.

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Create your drilling plan

In TerraIndex, you can easily prepare your work by creating a drilling or sample plan. When you’re ready, digitally send your assignments to the TerraIndex App.

Fieldwork data visible immediately

After the fieldwork data has been entered digitally, you can see it in TerraIndex immediately. Within TerraIndex, there is one standardised procedure for entering data. Additionally, all soil information is instantly visible in an overview.

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Recording fieldwork data

You can enter all observations in the field in TerraIndex. You can also record samples by means of a bar code. The App has been developed from a users point of view and it works highly intuitive. There is one uniform way for entering data. Take a look at some of the devices for the TerraIndex App.

Record your data

Determination of coordinates of the measurements is very easy. You can use both an internal and an external GPS-receiver. GIS allows for geographical recording of measurement points and (sub)locations.

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Communicate with the lab

Send the soil information to the lab digitally. Thanks to the direct link with the laboratory it is possible to create and send lab assignments and load analysis results automatically. Consequently, you will automatically receive the lab results.

Verifying local norms

When you receive the analysis results from the lab, you can easily verify if they are in accordance to known standards and norms, as well as customized user-defined standards.

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Add all the data together in one report. Several templates are available in TerraIndex, but you can also generate reports based on your own preferences. Generate comprehensive reports, containing graphical drilling profiles, tables (with different formats) and geographical representation.


TerraIndex is an open system that can easily be integrated within other systems via webservices.

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Get the most out of TerraIndex

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