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The client’s input is of a great value

TerraIndex Expertgroup

The TerraIndex Expertgroup consists of a team of involved TerraIndex users with their own special interests. The experts are actively involved in the initial thinking process with the goal to come up with new developments that are important for them. The group meets twice a year.

The Netherlands and Belgium

We always try to adjust TerraIndex according to the local demand. This is why there is a TerraIndex Expergroup per country (Netherlands and Belgium). This way all the country specific issues can be considered in a detailed way, particularly regulations.

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Additional value

During these meetings new developments are presented, there will be interactive sessions and priorities for the next termĀ are determined. The developments with the highest amount of additional value for the clients will get the highest priority.

Experts for specific aspects

The directly involved experts will be informed continuously throughout the year about the developments and they will be frequently asked for feedback. New functionalities will be developed using releases with short cycles, this way feedback of the results can be given quickly.

Are you also interested in joining the expertgroup? Send an email to service@terraindex.com.

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