Time Saving in Soil Survey


Synlab SIKB14 (TIW1-3016)

As a user and customer of Synlab I want some improvements in the lab communications and based on SIKB14, so I can get more information about the status of my lab assignment

Prioriteit: 11
SIKB maintenance (version 14.2) (TIW1-5455)

As a software developer I want to be able to see all changes in the last SIKB version, so I can use the latest version of SIKB (see www.sikb.nl)

Prioriteit: 73
ISO14688-1 + BRO export (BMB) (TIW1-5458)

As a user I want to enter the soil description conform ISO14688-1 (dutch appendix) and deliver an export to the BRO service (&#822boormonsterbeschrijvingDe opgevraagde gebruiker bestaat niet. part)

Prioriteit: 75
License App, being able to enter the name of the user with license (SV-240)

As an application manager I would like to have an improved overview of the devices that have a license for the TerraIndex App. The current license number is less suitable for this. I would like to be able to enter a name of own choice with the license.

Prioriteit: 1
New set password should by default not expire (SV-241)

As a user I want my password not to expire, this way I do not have to constantly change my password. The application manager of our company should be able to do this. This saves me unnecessary actions.

Prioriteit: 2
Email password reset link should not 404 (SV-242)

As a user I would to get a notication in case the link I get after forgetting my password does not work anymore. With this notification I can reactivate the link. This way it is clear to me how to reset a password.

Prioriteit: 3
Increase recently entered BZB’s (OTI-197)

As a user I want the program to remember the recently chosen BZB’s and I would like this to be increased.

Prioriteit: 4
Adjusting the naming of tabs according to active modules (SV-244)

As a user I want the tabs in my browser to have a name corresponding to the part that is active, this way I can locate several parts easier.

Prioriteit: 5
Return to log in page in case of an authorization error (SV-243)

As a user I want to be redirected to the log in window in case of an incorrect log in. Despite the fact that this happens rarely in practice, I will not be hindered by an unnecessary error notification.

Prioriteit: 6
Making photos, uploading and viewing in report (TIW1-88)

As a user I want to be able to make a photo with the app.
At first only on project level. I want to be able to view them in the web-version. Both in the app and web-version I want the option to manually add a photo-file. I want to be able to add a name/description to every photo.

Prioriteit: 7
ISO14688 Demo (TIW1-86)

As a (geotechnical) fieldworker I want to be able to enter data according to ISO-14688 and exchange with other (TerraIndex) users.

Prioriteit: 8
ISO14688 Borelog hatches (TIW1-4839)

As a user I want extra hatches that match the extra textures based on IS)14688

Prioriteit: 9
DOV export (TIW1-3158)

As a user I want to be able to create an export in DOV format, so I can deliver soil info to DOV.

Prioriteit: 10
Export Paradox and dBase (TIW1-5013)

As a user I need to export projects in the old Paradox and dBase export, so I can support my customers and some third party tools.

Prioriteit: 12
Lab assigenment: Turn off certification (TIW1-4844)

As a user I want to be able to turn of the certificate filter when creating a lab assignment. Now I have to choose the certification in the first screen, that is correct, but I want to be able to turn it off.

see: [https://itworks.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DT/pages/642547841/Labopdracht+verbeteringen+Certificering+Labmatrix+Pinnen?atlOrigin=eyJpIjoiMDk1YWU5MDNkMGM3NDA0MzlmYzFkOGRmZTg1OGY2N2QiLCJwIjoiYyJ9|https://itworks.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DT/pages/642547841/Labopdracht+verbeteringen+Certificering+Labmatrix+Pinnen?atlOrigin=eyJpIjoiMDk1YWU5MDNkMGM3NDA0MzlmYzFkOGRmZTg1OGY2N2QiLCJwIjoiYyJ9]

Prioriteit: 13
Concurrent users in TI Web (TIW1-26)

Ad a profuct owner I want a limit on concurrent users based on license. If a session is inactive for too long it should log out automatically in case of maximum user capacity.

Prioriteit: 14
Extra special compounds (TIW1-3933)

As a field engineer I want to be able to fill in more then 4 spacial compounds (bzb), so I can describe special compounds when asbestos suspected

Prioriteit: 21
Drilling profiles 2.0 (TIW1-11)

As a user I want to be able to create and save a layout for the drilling profile just like in the citrix version.

We doen 4 tabbladen die de inhoud van het boorprofiel aanpassen. Niet de labels e.d.. Dit gaan we oplossen met standaard sjabloon/indelingen in de reportGenerator Word rapporten


Christiaan Coolen (Econsultancy B.V.) zou graag mee helpen als we dit gaan ontwikkelen

Prioriteit: 24
Only use of Geocoord-wgs84 (TIW1-56)

As product owner I would like TerraIndex to run entirely on GeoCoord, in which the measurement points will not have a separate Xcoord and Ycoord anymore. TerraIndex will need to be adjusted for this purpose, because this will make sure WGS measurements point can be put in the BO0 table. As a result map performance will be great. Furthermore the exchange will be easier and less prone to errors.

Prioriteit: 26
TerraIndex Web map (TIW1-15)

As a user I want to be able to place measurement points on the map of TerraIndex Web and I want to view KLIC-files (cables and pipelines information center) just like in the App (updated GUI).

Also add some extra new and updated Maplayers like WMS.

Prioriteit: 27
Creating concerned companies in TI Web (TIW1-71)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 28
Importing Measurement points list (X/Y/Z) (TIW1-18)

As a user I want to be able to import a list with measurement points/monitoring wells (MSExcel format) including geometry. The format is completely determined by an Excel-template, this way there is no need for a user interface. My expectation is that I will not be needing this function that often anymore, because TI now also has the possibilities to draw measurement points and to link a GPS directly in the field.

Prioriteit: 29
Extra Reports (TIW1-669)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 30
Inserting layers (OTI-195)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 31
Validation tool, naming conventions export file equal to project code (SV-239)

As a user I want to make sure a document that is generated by the verification tool automatically gets the name of the project, this saves one additional action.

Prioriteit: 32
Import Analysis Results (TIW1-81)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 33
Labassignment 2.0 improvements (TIW1-77)

Labassignment 2.0 improvements with all feedback and usability tests

Prioriteit: 34
SIKB 12 Export (TIW1-93)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 35
Being able to make fields empty in TI Web (TIW1-74)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 36
New OVAM standards (BoToVa) (TIW1-2278)

As a user I want to be able to test the analysis results against the new OVAM standards (as of 1 April 2019)

Prioriteit: 37
Migrate TI Web to VueJS 2 (TIW1-2669)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 38
Drilling profiles template 1.0 (TIW1-3681)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 39
Copying data (TIW1-19)

As a user I want to be able to easily copy data. This concerns measurement points. I want to be able to indicate if (water) samples should be copied with that. I also want to be able to copy measurement points to another project.

Prioriteit: 40
BoToVa (rfc2) (TIW1-40)

As a user I want an assessment based on the latest version of Botova and the sum to be calculated by BoToVa.

Prioriteit: 41
Labassignment 3.0 improvements (TIW1-2323)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 42
Table entry (TIW1-22)

As a user I want to have the possibility to edit multiple records/rules simultaneously in the two grids projects and measurement points.

Prioriteit: 43
Cadastral data (TIW1-16)

As a user I want to be able to enter the required cadastral data according to OVAM for a project. I want it to be possible for my Dutch colleagues to use the window (the window should be edited accordingly).

Prioriteit: 44
Surface(measurements) details window (TIW1-14)

As a user I want to be able to enter, edit and delete measurements. I also want it to be possible to include working with matrix surface water.

The labels should be: ‘Overige monster’ instead of ‘Surface Watersamples’. So in the future we could extend with Air for example.

Prioriteit: 45
Generate Map in my report (TIW1-69)

As advisor and fieldworker I want to be able to generate my map with measurement points in a Report in order to make sure this happens automatically. With the ablitity to set a legenda, stamp and a northarrow.

Expertgroup kaartlagen:
Bespreken welke standaardkaarten (thema’s) precies nodig zijn voor de standaard rapportages
+ Foto locaties met richting (coordinaten vanuit de foto metadata, als goed is ook met richting)
+ Meetpunt locaties in je Rapport, welke achtergrond kaarten;
-> Klanten leveren zelf wel kaarten aan die je wilt gebruiken om te rapporteren. Deze willen ze ook in het veld zien.
formaten: DWG, DXF, Geogerefereerde PDF of PNG/JPEG, Shapefile, Geotiff, DGN
-> ESRI kaart als WMS, is veel gebruikte en beste als ze niet de GBKN/BGT vragen vanuit de opdrachtgever. (GBKN wordt niet meer bijgehouden)
-> BGT via PDOK

Prioriteit: 46
Report generator edit possibilities (TIW1-92)

As an application manager of a company I want to have the possibility to edit my reports with small lay-out adjustments.

Prioriteit: 47
Creating a lab assignment (TIW1-85)

As a user I want to be able to compose samples, select analyses and send lab assignments (finishing the lab assignment module). SIKB version 9 and 13 should be supported. I do not yet want automatic breakdown of samples. I do want to define default sample types per lab.

Split to new Epic:
– Button for Download certificate pdf. Also save directly on Dropbox.

Wait with:
– Button for Check all new Result and import (trigger AutoImport)
– Button for import Delivery file for LabAnalyses

Prioriteit: 48
Adding pictures to reports (TIW1-63)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 49
Multiple Languages (TIW1-606)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 50
Save Accuracy External GPS (TIW1-62)

As a user I want to be able to save the accuracy of an External GPS in order to view this during verification. Finally I want to be able to enter this manually as a user.

Prioriteit: 51
Dot and flag maps via WMS and WFS (TIW1-91)

As an advisor I want to be able to load my data on a map or in an external GIS application, for this I want my data to be available via a WMS or WFS. This way I can present the data on a map (dots per assessment and flag). Furthermore I want to have the map (automatically) in my report. Finally I want to be able to use the map layer in QGIS, while security has been taken into account.

Prioriteit: 52
Checking incorrect input (barcode, tot) during exchange (TIW1-7)

As a fieldworker I want to receive a warning notification in case of an illogical input. For example by checking if all samples have a barcode and all layers have a tot.

Prioriteit: 53
Modification/harmonisation menu structure with main program (TIW1-2)

As a user I would like the menu to be straightforward, at the moment there are some differences between them, this prevents effortless searching.

font size and type, alginments

Prioriteit: 54
CAD drawing in map (TIW1-29)

As a user I want to be able to geo-reference and import a cad-drawing and consequently view the result like a map layer. I want to be able to import a dwg/dxf (geo-referenced) and view this as an image in the App and Web.

Prioriteit: 56
Expansion of creation (soil)samples based on layers (TIW1-45)

As a fieldworker I want to be able to quickly create multiple sample packages. During regeneration of samples with an edited packaging type the question will be asked if samples have to be exceeded, which allows for quick creation of multiple samples for a layer with different packaging types (core samplers, bags).

Prioriteit: 57
Logging of edited data (history) (TIW1-49)

As an advisor I want to be able to see who changed which data. Preferably I would like to have a report after a phase is concluded. For example which layer/sample data is edited after lab assignment and which analysis results are edited after importing analysis results.

Prioriteit: 58
20170230 Unresolved Issues TI Web (TIW1-94)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 59
Importing Paradox files (.pdx) into TI Web (TIW1-453)

additionally there needs to be a clean notification when imports fail in general, no hanging.
it needs to be visible what files can be imported in the import module

Prioriteit: 60
Improvement TerraIndex 1.0 (TIW1-471)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 61
Improve accuracy of coordinate conversion from WGS84 to RDNAP (SV-517)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 62
Improve navigation to reportgenerator in TI Web (TIW1-515)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 63
Import Mistral files into TI Web (TIW1-527)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 64
Feedback / help button (TIW1-1154)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 65
Concerned contacts (TIW1-2759)

As a user I want to be able to create and adding concerned companies in TI Web.

Prioriteit: 66
KLIC Improvement (TIW1-2270)

[Geen nadere informatie]

Prioriteit: 67
Sublocations (TIW1-67)

As a user i want to edit Sublocations administratively in TI Web, so i can create sublocations, to bind measurement points to it, and be able to edit the fields of this sublocation.

Prioriteit: 68
Geoservers (TIW1-3257)

i.e. be able to quickly create a customer-specific geoserver to those customers that would like such a service. Requirement is that the management for us over these multiple geoservers is easy (i.e. use docker?)

Prioriteit: 69
Geoserver (TIW1-5454)

As a interested user I want to be able to use a demo of the geoserver

Prioriteit: 72
To Do
Summary and Conclusion in TI Web (TIW1-70)

As a user I want to be able to edit summary and conclusion data in TI Web

Prioriteit: 15
Assessment Samples (TIW1-78)

As a user I want some improvements at assessment like creating assessment samples and simultaneous editing.

Prioriteit: 16
Assesment: Flexible test frameworks (TIW1-4847)

As a user I want to test my analyse result against the local test frameworks, so I can make a report for my customers. We can also implement standard test frameworks of France, German, Spain etc.

Prioriteit: 17
Lab Assignment: Status (TIW1-4846)

As a user I want a better overview of the status of my lab assignment

Prioriteit: 18
Table Entry: Analyse Samples, Result and Requested Analyses (TIW1-4957)

As a user I want to be able enter analyse results manual.

Prioriteit: 19
Sikb14 (TIW1-557)

As a user I want to be able to create exports from my projects in SIKB13.5 or 14

Prioriteit: 20
Borelog with newest Testframe (TIW1-4820)

As a user I want to choose the newest assessment framework, to show in the borelog, on tab ‘Extra

Prioriteit: 22
Overviews (TIW1-79)

As a user I want overviews (a result of a single query) in a grid. I also want to save the layout of the overview (visible columns and order).

Prioriteit: 23
Testing Symbols (TIW1-57)

As a user I would like to have all setup settings for testing symbols and component groups for report orders to be set able.

Prioriteit: 25
Cross sections (TIW1-27)

As a user I want to be able to plot a line in the map and select multiple measurement points simultaneously. This way the measurement points projected on the plotted line create a cross section. Also I want to be able to select multiple measurement points to show them as a drilling profile.

Prioriteit: 55
Logic Navigation and UX (TIW1-3441)

As a user and developer I want consistent and logic UX, Naviagation and Identity

Prioriteit: 70
Borelog with assessment results in table (TIW1-5422)

As a user I want my analyse and assessment results next to my borelog, so I have a better view of the situation (already possible in Citrix)

Prioriteit: 71
Multiple mutation (TIW1-5456)

As a user I want to be able to mutate multiple records in a input grid

Prioriteit: 74
BRO-Groundwater export (TIW1-5459)

As a user I need a BRO export for groundwater monitoring

Prioriteit: 76
Borelogs conform NEN-ISO (TIW1-5460)

As a (geotechnical) user I need the borelogs conform NEN-ISO-14688, so I can present them to my customers

Prioriteit: 77
Asbestos: Creating Mixed Samples (TIW1-4958)

As a fieldworker I want to create mixed samples in the field on a easy way.

Prioriteit: 78
CAD drawing in App (TIW1-4962)

As a fieldworker I want to be able to see the CAD drawing (uploaded in KML format)

Prioriteit: 79
TI Map Offline use (TIW1-3842)

As a user I want to be able to use maps offline, so I don’t need internet outside.

Prioriteit: 80
Lab Assignment v4 (TIW1-3547)

As a user I want some improvements in the lab assignment so I can select more faster analyses

Prioriteit: 81
TI Map fixed scale (TIW1-3238)

As a user I want several improvements in the TerraIndex map functionality

Prioriteit: 82
Measurement series (TIW1-55)

As a user I want to be able to entering/viewing measurement series.

Prioriteit: 83

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